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New developments can be seen every day in the Wilhelmina street. Buildings that have been neglected for years are now being renewed and new buildings are being constructed, all these investments give a new face to the well-known street but with all these developments the still disused and deteriorated buildings becomes more obvious. An example is the ‘Huize Veneranda’ building. In its years of glory, this building was without a doubt one of the most beautiful and unique buildings, not only from Wilhelmina street but from Aruba.

This beautiful elegant building was constructed by Dada Picus in 1936 commissioned by the owners Veneranda and Francisco Arends based on the design of a building in Cartagena.
Nowadays the building is still owned by the family.  

Monumentsfund Aruba is a foundation whose goal is to preserve our past for the future and thinks that
 such a unique building needs to be rescued and restored. We also know from experience how easy it is for new investors to demolish these buildings instead of restoring them.

SMFA has been in close communication with the family. In 2015 SMFA signed a letter of intent that included that if investors are interested in renting the building for a long term SMFA could buy the building once it has become a protected monument.

Being an unsubsidized foundation, there are conditions to comply with when SMFA buys a monumental building. In the first place the building must be a protected monument and there must be a long-term tenant. In the case of Huize Veneranda if there are interested investors they are welcome to meet with SMFA to discuss the possibilities.

Meanwhile this year SUS ateliers and students from Hogeschool Rotterdam got the opportunity to base their minor project on this building. It’s the fourth SMFA is contributing to this project.
During a period of two weeks the students must create a plan for an area or building. the plan is a recommendation of how you can use the space to the maximum. An example is the plan made in 2013 titled ‘Perls of Rancho”. Rancho foundation executed this plan in their project ‘Adopt-an Alley)  by naming the alleys like for example the Hanch’I Kalki ( Lime alley).
SMFA nor the family or potential investor are tied to this plan but can use it as an inspiration

The plan the students made this year is called ‘Playa mi Orguyo’. The first impression of the students is that it’s a shame how deteriorated the building is.   November first 2016 they will be presenting their plan. Everyone is welcome to attend at 6 pm at Huize Veneranda.