Stichting News

The Fiesta di Cuncucu 2016 at a cunucu house in a coplete cultural ambience was the perferct moment to launch the book called Het Aanpassen van Cunucuhuizen aan de wensen van vandaag.

The book was written by students Coen van der Spek and Fabian Heil after finishing their graduation assignment at Monumentsfund Aruba. The first contact these students had with Aruba was during a minor project in the neighborhood of Rancho. They returned to Aruba for their assignment where they studied the technical quality of cunucu houses and also how these houses can be adapted to todays demands while keeping the technical and monumental qualities of these cunucu houses.

Monumentsfund Aruba presented the book to Mrs. Indra Zaandam as representative of the ministry of culture also to the representatives of AIB Bank, Monumentsbureau and volunteers who made it possible.

Volunteers Andrew Rasmijn, Josephine Lacle, Ebby Ruiz and Marielle Hoeijmakers worked on giving a layout to the contents. Monumentsfund would like to thank them for the work done and also want to thank Monumentenbureau , Plantage Hoop en Zorg and a special thanks to AIB BANK who contributed to the realization of this project.

The book can be downloaded for free on the website of Monumentsfund Aruba

Besides our restauration and maintenance projects Monumentsfund Aruba works on the preservation of the past for the future through projects that creates awareness and brings the community closer to our monuments like this book and our yearly fiesta di cunucu.

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