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International day for Monuments and Sites on April 18, is held each year around the world with different types of activities. The aim is to promote awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage, their vulnerability and the efforts required for their protection and conservation.

In 2017 the theme is “Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism”. Monumentsfund Aruba being a foundation that works to preserve the past for the future decided to approach different cultural organizations to organize activities to promote our cultural heritage, monuments, and sites. On Tuesday April 18th visitors of Aruba can choose out of seven activities organized by our partners to experience and learn more about Aruba’s Cultural heritage.

Activities being held to celebrate the International day of Monuments and sites are:

Cosecha San Nicolas Workshop Kwihi tree Key Holder
The artist Denny Emmanuel will give a workshop about the local “Kwihi” tree in Cosecha San Nicolas.
He will tell about the Kwihi, demonstrate the varnish process and guide the participants while they make a key holder with a Kwihi branch.
The material Kwihi is embedded into local craftsmanship on Aruba for hundred of years.
Fee: USD 20.00 (excl. tax) including a local refreshment
Registration takes place at Cosecha Oranjestad or San Nicolas.
For more information: 587 8708,
Time: 10:00 Am – 11:30 Am
Location: Cosecha San Nicolas

Workshop Traditional Aruban Dances
Alydia Wever is inviting everyone to come for hour and a half of fun and learning experience at Skol di Baile Diana Antonette located behind Aruba’s only Theatre Cas di Cultura situated at Vondellaan # 2 next to Talk of the Town Hotel.
She will be teaching two of her favourite traditional dances “the Aruban wals and the tumba”.
Alydia will be giving a short history and description of our traditional folkloric dances. There will be skirts available for everyone and at the end delicious herbal ice tea.
Fee: USD 20.00
For more information: 593 7409 ,
Time: 9:30 Am – 11:00 Am
Location: Cas di Cultura Vondellaan 2

California Lighthouse tour
Off the beaten path you’ll find the recently renovated California Lighthouse which for the first time in decades is open to the public.
Purchase your tickets at and climb all the way to the top!
Fee: USD 8.00
For more information: 586 0787,
Time: 8:30 Am- 4:45 PM
Location: California Lighthouse
Aruba Downtown Walking Tours
Join our Local Experts on an interactive journey through the streets of Aruba.
Capital, Oranjestad by foot. A great new experience combining the best of Aruba’s History, Culture/Heritage, Monuments, Traditions, Local Bites and more in a 2.5hr interactive experience by foot. Fee: USD 39.00
For more information: 592 5069 ,
Time: 9:00 Am – 11:30 Am
Location: Zoutmanstraat 1 (Cosecha building)
Walking Tour through the historical neighborhood of Rancho
Take a tour through the historical neighborhood of Rancho and explore the pearls of Rancho like for example the only remaining 125 years old lime kiln. One of the oldest areas of Oranjestad with a lot of history about salt mining, fishing, and production of lime on the island.
Fee: USD 30.00 For More Information: 562 8352,
Time: 9:00 Am – 10:30 Am
Location: Start at Archaeological Museum (Schelpstraat)

Curator VIP Tour at the Museum of Industry
Experience the Museum of Industry in the iconic monumental “Water Tower” in San Nicolas through the eyes of our Curator Renwick Heronimo. Enjoy our VIP tour and be amazed by the story about the industrial development on Aruba during the last two centuries.
Fee: USD 6.00
For more information: 584 7090 ,
Time: 10:00 – 11:00
Location : Watertower San Nicolas (Bernhardstraat 164)

Historical Museum VIP Tour
If these walls could talk:Our VIP tour will consist of a personal tour given by the Manager of the Museum, Joase-Ann van der Biest and Valerie Willer from the Educations department. Joase-Ann, being the great great great granddaughter of Jan van der Biest, gives you a closer look to the stories that live within the walls of Fort Zoutman And Valerie in charge of the educations department is the best way to get all the information you ever wanted to know about the History that live within our most beloved monuments. Without a doubt a visit to Aruba’s oldest building on Monuments Day needs to be on your bucket list.
Fee: USD 6.00
For more information: 588 5199
Time 13:00
Location: Fort Zoutman/ Willem III Tower

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