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If you’d like to talk to us about a project, or anything else, we’d love to hear from you.

Are you looking for a conference room? Finding a conference room for meetings or trainings can be a challenge. We invite you to consider our conference room at the Stichting Monumentenfonds Office located at Avenida Milio Croes 26.

For profit organizations we have the following fees:

  • Afl. 45 p/hour
  • Afl. 150 p/half day (4 hours)
  • Afl. 300 p/full day (8 hours)

For non-profit organizations the hourly fee is Afl. 10

Prizes include coffee, tea and cookies. The conference room is completely furnished and a beamer is available.

For more information contact here or call (297) 582-4014 | 583-5935

Help us preserve the past for the future!

Support our work and help us preserve our architectural heritage for future generations by making a donation to:

Stichting Monumentenfonds Aruba
Avenida Milio Croes 26

Caribbean Mercantile Bank
Bank Account: 61026602

Aruba Bank
Bank Account: 120992112


Kamer van Koophandel: Serienummer S328