Stichting News

Monumentsfund Aruba works on the maintenance of its monuments based on a multi-year maintenance plan. Based on this plan, maintenance will now startb on the Huisje Wild building at Schelpstraat 12.

We will carry out some minor repairs on the building, fix and paint some windows, and fully paint the exterior of the building. Last year, the building acquired a new tenant, KIG, and necessary adaptations and repairs were made to the interior of the building. This process will last approximately 2 months.

Huisje Wild’s monument is a country house built in the mid-19th century. Wild was a merchant and owner of boats used for transporting export products, along with his neighbors Henriquez and Ecury. Originally, the house was about half its current size, consisting of only one part covered with the so-called ‘oud-Hollandse pannen’ and originally had only one dormer window.

Over the years, more parts have been added to the building, as it stands today. In 2003, Monumentsfund bought the Wild family’s monument, and in 2006, the building was restored. Initially, it served as an office for the Monumentsfund itself, among others, and then from 2010, Utilities NV occupied the building.