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Maintenance works at the water tower in San Nicolas

Maintenance works started this week at the water tower in San Nicolas.  The project will be executed by GPS construction N.V. and Rotech N.V. and will have a duration of three months.
The exterior will be completely painted, some interior walls will be repaired and a lightning rod will be installed.

The industry museum will remain open during maintenance works but always considering the safety of visitors and employees.

Monuments Fund Aruba has a multi-year maintenance plan that serves as a basis for the maintenance of the monuments that belong to the foundation. In addition to the works in San Nicolas we are also adapting the monument on Weststraat 15 known as Casita Geel for a new tenant which we will announce soon.

Water Tower San Nicolas 

The water shortage in the beginning of the twentieth century led Curaçao to establish a water supply service called the Landswatervoorzieningsdienst (LWV) in 1928 to supply drinking water to Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. At the time the department decided to dig wells where residents could go and get free well water.

In 1933 Aruba has developed its own sea water distillation plant at Balashi. That is when Aruba has developed its own distribution water infrastructure network. To solve the low water pressure problems during the rush hours they decided to build two water towers. The water tower of San Nicolas was inaugurated on August 14th 1939, and that of Oranjestad on November 4th 1939.

The water tower was recently restored and was completed and delivered to the MOnuments Fund Aruba on March 8th 2013.

In 2016 the Museum of Industry opened its doors to the public.