Hotel Colombia | 1918


Address: Wilhelminastraat 8
Year built: 1918
Open to public: Yes

The building known as Hotel Colombia is a two-story structure situated at the intersection of Zoutmanstraat and Oranjestraat. It was constructed in 1918 and originally owned by Nadie Henriquez, showcasing its architectural charm with balconies and columns, making it one of the most attractive buildings in Oranjestad during its time. In 1919, Nadie Henriquez initiated an outdoor cinema on the premises. However, in December 1920, Henriquez traded the cinema to Eduard de Veer.

Subsequently, in 1922, the garden adjacent to the outdoor cinema became the location of Edward de Veer’s music theater, while the building itself was repurposed as Pension Aruba. In 1925, Dr. Eloy Arends acquired the property, and it later became known as ‘Hotel Colombia,’.

In 1986, Jesus Maria Eloy Arends, the son of Dr. Eloy Arends, sold the property to the government of Aruba. Over the years, the building’s condition deteriorated, and following a fire that caused irreparable damage to parts of the structure, only ruins remained. The restoration process commenced in 1997, leading to the unification of the building with the former residence of Dr. Eloy Arends. Together, they became the new City Hall of Oranjestad.

At present, Hotel Colombia is home to the Population Registry and City Hall.