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Josef Croes
Vice Treasurer


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Director – Mrs. Anne Witsenburg
Mrs. Anne Witsenburg

- - - - -
I am the director of Monuments Fund Aruba. I work together with my colleagues on the preservation of our cultural heritage. As a director my task is not very specific, more general. My colleagues are the experts in their fields of maintenance, projects, education & marketing and office management & bookkeeping. We all work in the same office so we communicate via very short lines on a daily basis. Each week we sit as a group to discuss the progress and overlap of our work. Every month we report to our Board and prepare information for them to base their decisions on. Another part of my job is to keep in touch with main stakeholders, supporters and organizations that we cooperate with. This part is often described as ‘drinking coffee’, but in fact I did not drink one drop of coffee since I was 20… ;-). The networking is however really useful and helps us reach our goals. We experience a lot of support from a wide range of organizations and companies.

What do you love about your work at SMFA?
I love the fact that the results of our foundations work is very visible, that my job is different every day and that I get to meet so many inspiring people. In the few years I have been on Aruba I have developed a great appreciation, even love, for our cultural heritage. Not only are most of our monuments very beautiful, but also their (hi) stories are amazing. Due to our enthusiastic team, lots of energy and patience, we enjoy seeing our monuments getting in shape and being appreciated by people from Aruba as well as tourists.

Xavier Arends
Project Manager
- - - - -
As the project manager of SMFA, the main tasks that I am in charge of are creating feasibility studies for potential monument projects, develop restoration projects in coordination with local Architects as strategical partners, guide restoration projects in bidding processes, during restoration and project handover to the clients. Also my colleagues and I are continuously looking to preserve new Monuments by documenting the status of the monuments or potential monuments and try to encourage/guide owners in making the right decisions to preserve the monument in a sustainable manner.

What do you love about your work at SMFA?
To me, the most interesting part of my job is to get to know new buildings and/or objects and knowing the history behind each one of them. What I love about SMFA is the chemistry within the organization that has one target which is the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Ernest (Ronnie) Arends
Maintenance Manager
- - - - -
My work at Monumentsfund Aruba is to manage all the maintenance work that has to be done to keep our monuments in top condition, so the future generation can enjoy of our monuments. (Preserving the past for the future)

What do you love about your work at SMFA?
My job is very interesting. I enjoy seeing our people using our monuments as their office building and help contribute to bring awareness about our history. Every day I learn and understand more about the construction-system used in the past. I am proud to be a part of an organization that is involved with restoration, maintenance and awareness of our monuments.

Petra Davis
Financial and Administrative officer

- - - - -
My job’s description is Financial administrative officer, I keep the books and keep an eye on the day to day business at the office.

Office management
What I Love about my job is that I’m part of something Great we help to preserve the past for the future.

Our team exists of people that all have a passion for Monuments each in their own way.
We have an open relationship with each other, you can be yourself and feel at home.

Mircla Navas
Mircla Nava
Education, PR and Marketing Officer

- - - - -
I am a Marketing, PR en Education officer at SMFA. Through my work I try to bring awareness about the importance of out built heritage and the stories these monuments have to tell us about the past and also keep the Aruban Community informed about the work our team of SMFA do all year long to reach our goal of preserving the past for the future.

What do you love about your work at SMFA?
What I love about my work at SMFA is the opportunity it gives me to bring awareness about our Aruban Monuments and most of all to teach the younger generation about the importance of our built heritage, hoping that one day they will be the ones working at SMFA preserving the past for the future.

Maria Ridderstap
Runner / Secretary Assistent