Water Tower Oranjestad | 1939


Address: John G. Emanstraat 67
Year built: 1939
Open to public: No

At the outset of the twentieth century, the water scarcity issue prompted Curaçao to establish the Landswatervoorzieningsdienst (LWV) in 1928. This service was set up to provide potable water to Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. During this period, the department made the decision to create wells where residents could access well water free of charge.

In 1933, Aruba took the initiative to construct its own seawater distillation plant in Balashi. This marked the inception of Aruba’s independent water distribution infrastructure. In order to address the challenge of low water pressure during peak hours, the decision was made to construct two water towers. The San Nicolas water tower was officially opened on August 14th, 1939, followed by the Oranjestad water tower on November 4th, 1939.

The Oranjestad water tower underwent restoration in 2011 and currently serves as the home for the Objection Advisory Board LAR.