Cas Tan Tin


Address: Pos Abou 19
Year built:
Open to public: Yes

‘Cas Tan Tin’ is a typical Cunucuhouse built by Mario and Johanna Tromp. Here they raised their nine children. Mario also planted fruits and vegetables like okra, cucumber and pumpkin for their own consumption.

Typical Cunucuhouses obtained their name because most of them where in rural (‘Cunucu’ ) areas.

The houses like the Tan Tin House were constructed in the period after the ‘Torto Houses’ made of loam which also form part of our rural heritage. Most of these houses were surrounded by a large tract of land often used for cultivation.

In 2019 Monuments Fund Aruba bought this house from one of the daughters of Mario Tromp. The government of Aruba are the tenants and Mi Cutisa Foundation is the user of this beautiful cunucu house making sure to keep the history of this house alive and making it accessible to the public.