Watertank Rancho| 1905

Address: Avenida Alo Tromp
Year built: 1905
Open to public: Yes

In 1905, Hendrik Eman was granted the concession to excavate wells in Madiki and Saliña. He utilized a system of pipes to transport the water to the Oranjestad port, primarily to meet the needs of his ships. Any surplus water was directed to the stone water tank located in Rancho, from which it was distributed to private faucets. The cost for each tap was 75 cents per month. However, following Eman’s passing in 1914, the maintenance of the system ceased.

The water was pumped into the tank’s upper section and then flowed under pressure through an iron pipeline to reach the individual taps. This water reservoir is a protected historical monument, unique in its kind, and represents an integral part of Aruba’s early industrial heritage.