Eloy Arends House (City Hall) | 1925


Address: Wilhelminastraat 8
Year built: 1925
Open to public: Yes

The Eloy Arends Building, situated on Wilhelminastraat in Oranjestad, stands out as one of the most beautiful Caribbean-style houses in the area. It was originally constructed by the late Dr. Jacobo Eloy Maria Arends, with architectural design by the Aruban architect Chibi Wever. Wever received assistance from mason Jan Christiaans and Dada Picus. The house prominently reflects influences of Latin American neobaroc architecture.

The Arends family has a long history in Aruba, dating back to the mid-18th century. Renowned for their successful business endeavors, they held a prominent position on the island. Dr. Eloy Arends, who was married to Maria Lacle, initiated the construction of the Arends residence in 1922, a project that reached completion in 1925.

Dr. Eloy Arends passed away in 1960, and ownership of the house transferred to his son, dentist Jesus Eloy Arends. He established his dental practice and laboratory within the property. In 1986, Jesus Eloy Arends sold the estate to the government of Aruba. In 1997, the building underwent a restoration process.

Today, it serves as City Hall, where wedding ceremonies are conducted.