Former Department of Public Works | 1936


Address: Wilhelminastraat 7
Year built: 1936
Open to public: No

In 1929, the Department of Public Works (DOW) was established in Aruba. The first DOW office was a small office behind the residence of the first technical officer at the Lagoenweg 5A. In 1939, DOW moved to a new and larger office on the Lagoenweg 11. It quickly became clear that this office was too small for all the departments.

Ten years later DOW built the office at the Paardenbaaistraat 2. This building was built by the contractor Ramond Montaner. In 2008 the Public Works Department moved to a new and larger building. The building on the Paardenbaaistraat remained empty and slowly fell into disrepair. In 2012 began the restoration of this building.

When the restoration is complete, the new building will house the Population Registry of Aruba.