White House | 1910


Address: Schelpstraat 40
Year built: 1910
Open to public: No

This stately red building in the Schelpstraat has been designated as a monument. It was built in 1910, and the floor was added in 1917. The Ecury family was the initiator for building it, however, it is not known who the architect was at the time.

For many years the building was the home of the Ecury family and it is the birthplace of Aruban War Hero Segundo Jorge Adel Berto (Boy) Ecury.

The restoration was conducted on the initiative of the Archaeological Museum and ‘Monumentenbureau Aruba’ (Monument Office Aruba) and was funded by the European Union. The restoration architect was Bicharra and ir. B. Kamsteeg BK Consult handled the renovation management.

The property is currently being used as the office and library of the Archaelogical Museum.