Stichting News

Recently, Monumentsfund Aruba (SMFA) completed maintenance work on the Watertoren in San Nicolas. The maintenance was carried out by GPS Construction. They repaired some interior walls of the building and painted the tower entirely on the outside. They also installed a lightning conductor and changed and installed new colored lights to illuminate the tower at night. Additionally, they landscaped the garden, replacing some plants and adding new ones.

Monumentsfund Aruba has a long-term maintenance plan to keep the monuments owned by the foundation in good condition. After the completion of the Water tower in San Nicolas, we will now continue with maintenance at Huisje Wild (Wild’s House)  on Schelpstraat. Other monuments scheduled for maintenance in 2024 include Huisje Wild, Uncle Louis Store, Censo, Stadhuis, and the Lighthouse.
SMFA would like to thank Fundacion Museo Arubano for their cooperation during the maintenance works.