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The Eagle History Tour project, aimed at increasing awareness of the history of the Eagle refinery and its role during World War II, was launched on February 16, the 82nd anniversary of Aruba’s involvement in World War II.

This initiative, supported by Vfonds in the Netherlands, aims to engage both residents and tourists and promote a deeper understanding of Aruba’s history and heritage. The project has several goals:


Honoring the victims, including four marines, who lost their lives while dismantling a torpedo on Eagle Beach during the war.

Informing the local community and visitors about the history of Eagle Beach and Aruba’s crucial role during World War II.

Cultural Awareness:
Emphasizing the importance of the Eagle Refinery in Aruba’s history and creating cultural awareness through art objects, educational programs, and community participation.
The history of the oil industry began in Aruba when in 1924 the Lago Oil & Transport Co. Ltd established itself in the Sint Nicolaas Bay, and in 1927 the Arend Petroleum Maatschappij N.V. opened its refinery on the west side of the island, near Oranjestad. This made Aruba one of the world’s largest oil producers in a short period.

During World War II, Aruba became a target of attacks by Nazi Germany, leading to tragic events such as the loss of lives during an attack on the Eagle Refinery. The Eagle History Tour project aims to commemorate these events and keep their significance alive.

The project includes various sub-projects, including educational programs, an audio tour: ‘Eagle History Audio Tour,’ and light art objects created by Studio Goddijn, telling the history of the refinery. These initiatives will not only highlight the historical sites of Eagle but also emphasize their importance to the Aruban community.


Monumentsfund Aruba would like to thank everyone who has been part of this project. And invite the community to participate in this journey through time and learn more about the history of the Eagle refinery.

By the end of March, the tour will be complete with all the information signs in place, but from now on, you can listen to the audio tour via  and visit the light art objects at the DRH building on L.G. Smith Boulevard 172, where originally the main office of the Eagle refinery was located. There you can admire objects made from recycled refinery pipes and learn about the history of the refinery.

With a focus on preservation, education, and cultural identity, the Eagle history tour contributes to preserving Aruba’s history for future generations.
For more information and updates on the Eagle History Tour project: @monumentsfundaruba Fb: Stichting Monumentenfonds Aruba

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