Stichting News

Monuments Fund Aruba (SMFA) proposed some projects to the government of Aruba to be on the Fast Track projects list. Some of the projects SMFA has been working on for a long time already some are in a very advanced phase and some in the feasibility study phase. The main goal is to get these projects on the Fast Track list to help stimulate the economy and create more job opportunities during the crisis Aruba is confronting due to COVID 19.

Some of these projects only needs the necessary permits to start. As already mentioned there are also some feasibility studies going on already, after completion SMFA will start with the next phases that are financing, design and restoration.
There are also three maintenance projects that will start soon at the Henriquez Building, California Lighthouse and Water tower San Nicolas.

The first project that will be executed is the restoration of Botica Aruba (former drugstore). We are currently awaiting the monuments permit to proceed with the public tender.

SMFA has been looking for partners to rent the monument in the Weststraat known as ‘Casita Geel’ since January. We are currently in conversations with a potential tenant on the adaptations that needs to be done so we can apply for the necessary permits and start with the job.

Last year SMFA applied for a subsidy in The Netherlands for a feasibility study for the water reservoir in Kibaima. At the beginning of 2020 we received the news that the ministry of OCW in the Netherlands approved a subsidy of thirty five thousand euros for the necessary studies. Together with BOEi foundation we are currently working on the feasibility study to investigate the possibility to re-purpose this monument for agricultural or any other use.

Another very interesting project SMFA is currently working on together with Amsterdam Manor as interested partner is the restoration of the Imeldahof Convent in Noord. The idea is to restore the convent and repurpose it as a boutique hotel that will give hospitality students a place to practice. The main idea is that SMFA will purchase the property from the government of Aruba, restore it and rent it to Amsterdam Manor.

Another building that we have been working on finding a tenant for is the Aruba Bank Building in the Caya Betico Croes. In case we find an interested partner SMFA will than be able to purchase and restore the building.

At last SMFA is preparing three maintenance projects to be executed as soon as all permits are obtained. Henriquez building, California Lighthouse and the Water tower in San Nicolas will all undergo maintenance.

SMFA hopes these projects will make it to the official Fast Track list of the government. This will help accelerate the process to start executing these projects. These projects will not only contribute to the economy of Aruba but also to the preservation of our cultural heritage for younger generations.

Steenweg_final_24jun_01 Klooster Imeldahof Kibaima waterreservoir